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Creating Change
It's all in the tone of voice.


Creating change
Tone of voice.
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Creating Change

When we change what is going on with our inner thoughts, we are changing our old belief systems that are locked away in the unconscious mind.
What we suppress is expressed. Either by those around us or our outer actions don't match our inner thoughts. 

Changing our inner world to be in balance is  a long process and it takes a certain type of discipline to Self to create what we truly desire to manifest in our outer world. It takes time for the outer world to reflect the changes we have made within.

It's all in the tone of voice.

We are always learning, we feel we have moved through something in our lives, then wham we are hit again with something else. Other people are a good way to gauge how we are going, but most of the time it's not what they are saying to us, it's all about how we are reacting to what they are saying. 
As tone of voice makes up 76%, we need to be aware of how people are speaking to us and it's also good to observe how we react.  Watching body language and listening not only to what they are saying, but in what tone of voice they are using that will help you keep a check on how much you are growing and changing.
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