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Medium / Clairvoyant - Hypnotherapist - Energy Healing - Gwen Hodder


 Power To Changing Your 
Life Comes From Within

 Sessions 1 - 1/2 Hrs

Deep relaxation techniques are  helpful for you to make permanent and positive changes by guiding you into a state to quieting the mind, what we describe as a peaceful state, so you can remove old programming for example; addictions, grief, anger, bad habits, stress, fears and much more. Replacing it with new and positive changes to create the change that you are asking for. 

You may have seen live stage shows of hypnotherapy. Those people who go up on stage already deep down like to clown around, so their unconscious mind is already programmed to be out there in the centre of attention. The hypnotherapist goes through a process before they are chosen.  

You will not do or say anything that you don't want to say in hypnosis.  You visit for a particular reason and we focus on that.  Do you know when you are driving a vehicle and you reach your destination and you wonder where did the time go. You had actually gone into a trance state, put the conscious mind on autopilot as one would say, just like when you are watching Television and someone tries to get your attention and you don't hear them, that is also a trance state. 

In hypnotherapy you are aware of your surrounding at all times.  I am there to support you in the change you want so the unconscious mind can go about and repair the old programming to new and beneficial programming so you are able to move forward in your life. 

You will find that you are able to function better in your everyday life with these sessions.

Relief From:
 FEARS ........     STRESS..........
PAIN.......             ANXIETY...........
GRIEF.........                        NEGATIVE  HABITS ...........
HEALTH ISSUES.............        WEIGHT GAIN OR LOSS ........

Free yourself. JUST DO IT!
  • And much more.

contact Gwen to release bad habits, stress, anxiety and distant healing I AM AVAILABLE ON SKYPE FOR 

        What Happens Within A Consultation?

  • We discuss the issues that are concerning you at this time.

  • You relax on a practitioner table or if Skyping in a comfortable chair, covered with a light blanket and your head is supported by cushions for your head.

  • I  talk  you into a relaxed state to change old patterns you think and feel about yourself.

  • You are aware of your surrounding at all times and your mind only accepts the suggestions that are given that you believe to be true for you. You do not divulge private information when in this deep relaxed state.

  • When the session is over you will feel more calm and balanced, noticing in your daily life the subtle changes taking place that create better relationships with yourself and in your work, family and friend's life. 

  • You are given techniques that you can continue to use in your everyday life. 

"The body is made up of subtle energies so by creating balance state of mind we are creating a healthier body"
Gwen Hodder

MOBILE: 0417 426 593


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